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What Services I Offer…

As a lifelong student of art and design I am committed to developing custom plans suitable to your style and your objectives. Every design project I touch has the single goal of drawing out the best in you, your space, and your life.

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Classes for children Preschool and up

  • Practical Life lessons and activities 
  • Math lessons using Montessori Math materials 
  • Language lessons and activities 
  • Sensorial lessons 
  • Geography -Science 
  • Art including music

* Lessons to include the use of some Montessori materials, utilizing books grounded in reality and lessons on using a variety of art mediums.

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House Renovation

Specializing in all phases of residential design and interiors, our goal is to truly transform your space into a home which reflects your individuality. I will help you transform the function and energy of your space to fit your lifestyle. 

My full range of services include space planning, furniture selections, kitchen and bath design, an architectural space review and accessorizing.

Montessori @ Home or School

Top view of red sneakers, pencil case, headphones and school sup

Environment Preparation

+ Material Set up
+ Material recommendations
+ Lesson presentations
+ Follow up consultations
+ Resources

Assistance with material making for

+ Language
+ Math
+ Practical Life
+ Sensorial

Montessori material for training the development of children in

Coming Soon…

PDF Downloadable lesson materials for…

+ Language
+ Math
+ Practical Life
+ Sensorial

Property Staging

Whether you are deciding to sell your property or would like to transform your place of business and store, my property staging services are sure to attract buyers and customers. I provide both occupied staging where I utilize existing furnishing and accessories into the design, as well as, vacant staging, which is a more comprehensive staging service. 

Serenity is paramount, but I won’t lose sight of your target demographic and budget constraints.


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