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Educational Services I Offer…

With a longstanding dedication to personalized and custom education, combined with a fervent passion for art and design, I am deeply committed to creating and implementing bespoke learning plans that align with your unique style and objectives.


Classes for children Preschool and up

  • Practical Life lessons and activities 
  • Math lessons using Montessori Math materials 
  • Language lessons and activities 
  • Sensorial lessons 
  • Geography -Science 
  • Art including music

* Lessons to include the use of some Montessori materials, utilizing books grounded in reality and lessons on using a variety of art mediums.



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Montessori @ Home or School

Top view of red sneakers, pencil case, headphones and school sup

Environment Preparation

+ Material Set up
+ Material recommendations
+ Lesson presentations
+ Follow up consultations
+ Resources

Assistance with material making for

+ Language
+ Math
+ Practical Life
+ Sensorial

Montessori material for training the development of children in

Coming Soon…

PDF Downloadable lesson materials for…

+ Language
+ Math
+ Practical Life
+ Sensorial